Friday, 23 November 2012

End of my first week back at the gym

As many of you may have known I have been off for a month due to injury. Well today is the end of the first week that I have been back and I feel AMAZING!!! True to say that my eating hasn't been the cleanest this week but it is a journey that I am working on with that.

I thought that I would really struggle this week and that my body would forget how strong it was and how fit I was. Yes I have lost some levels of my fitness this month, and have lost more strength than I would have liked, however, I have not lost as much fitness or strength than I thought I would!!! #happiness

I lowered my weights last night in class so as to ease myself  back into it, and did struggle towards the end but I am happy to say that it felt as if my body remembered how fit and strong I was. I also don't hurt as much as I thought. I was in a lot of pain on Wednesday after Tuesday's session....a serious case of DMOS abounded, but it felt good to feel like that after so long off. It helps me see that I worked hard that night before! I am now having two days off so as to rest my injuries (plus I am going away to France) but am working on a new workout that I can do by myself in the gym on weekends :)

So remember fitties, a lot of our fitness and the things that we can do is in the mind. If we know we can do it...then we CAN!!!!

Amanda Todd

This post half doesn't really really relate to running but I wanted to post it anyway to raise awareness for bullying and especially cyber bullying...both of which has happened to me.

Last night I came across the story of Amanda Todd. It has a lot of media coverage over in America / Canada from what I could see but literally next to nothing over here. When I read her story it literally touched my heart like a knife. The poor angel was bullied into depression, anxiety and eventually bullied into suicide. I can NEVER understand why ANYONE would bully another person. To anyone who has not seen her video, I urge you to watch it. Yes it is harrowing but it also highlights just how easy this can happen to anyone one of us.

I guess I wanted to post this to let anyone and everyone out there know that they are all SPECIAL. Never ever ever think that you don't matter because you do. Whether you think so or not, you are ALL worth something to someone and will ALWAYS hold a special place in peoples hearts. Never ever ever let ANYONE tell you or make you feel otherwise.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My journey - the start!

Ah so I finally decided to start my running blog!!!! Happy days. The aim of this is so that I can try and motivate and inspire all those who have helped me but also for me to look back and see how far I have come. So let's start this journey!

I don't like focusing on the negative so will only mention this once as its necessary to understand why I start my journey here now and today! I have been running on and off for a while. I ran my second marathon at the end of August and during the run pulled a hamstring which I thought I could ignore. Not so much as it has hurt everyday since! Having over trained for that (I became OBSESSED with my pace per mile and obsessed with getting it faster rather than enjoying my run) and then continued over training straight after the marathon I unfortunalty just over a month ago partially tore my achilles tendon, ignored it, went for a run and then sprained my ankle. Very silly mistake that was! So here I am today! I have taken a whole month off to recover from my injuries and also to get my head space back from the over training.

I have learnt that I need to be grateful for the things that my body can do and not beat myself up for the things that I can't do...yet, but work on these things! I have also learnt that we NEED rest days!!! Running for me is all about enjoying myself and being at one with the road, nature and myself. I can't run until January now and it is  hard but I am soooo GRATEFUL that I am able to go back to the gym and start cross training and doing other exercises. I have also learnt that you wont lose weight if you work out and then go home and pig out on pizza. It has taken this whole rest month to really realise that. Because I couldn't work out I had to eat super healthy, and despite the no exercise I still managed to lose 4lbs!

So today I am going back to the gym for my first legs bums and tums class, and then yoga class in over a month. I am ready and rearing to go with positivity ready to change and lose the last 10lbs!!! And I am excited for this journey, I am excited to be able to see myself get stronger and fitter again. I don't want to look at what I can't do as there isn't any point, rather I am focusing on what I can do. I am excited because I know what I need to do to be able to get to where I want, and I am excited because I know I can do it! So here we go! :)