Friday, 23 November 2012

End of my first week back at the gym

As many of you may have known I have been off for a month due to injury. Well today is the end of the first week that I have been back and I feel AMAZING!!! True to say that my eating hasn't been the cleanest this week but it is a journey that I am working on with that.

I thought that I would really struggle this week and that my body would forget how strong it was and how fit I was. Yes I have lost some levels of my fitness this month, and have lost more strength than I would have liked, however, I have not lost as much fitness or strength than I thought I would!!! #happiness

I lowered my weights last night in class so as to ease myself  back into it, and did struggle towards the end but I am happy to say that it felt as if my body remembered how fit and strong I was. I also don't hurt as much as I thought. I was in a lot of pain on Wednesday after Tuesday's session....a serious case of DMOS abounded, but it felt good to feel like that after so long off. It helps me see that I worked hard that night before! I am now having two days off so as to rest my injuries (plus I am going away to France) but am working on a new workout that I can do by myself in the gym on weekends :)

So remember fitties, a lot of our fitness and the things that we can do is in the mind. If we know we can do it...then we CAN!!!!

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